How to generate a HAR file for troubleshooting

How to generate a HAR file for troubleshooting

Created On 12/02/19 22:38 PM - Last Modified 04/01/20 17:18 PM

In some troubleshooting cases, information about network requests that are generated in the web browser while an issue occurs. HAR files can assist the Demisto Customer Success team analyze the issue.


  1. Open a Google Chrome browser and navigate to the page on which the issue is occurring.
  2. Access the Developer Tools section.
MacOSClick View > Developer > Developer Tools
WindowsClick Menu icon (three dots) and select More tools > Developer tools
  1. In the Developer Tools panel, select the Network tab.
  2. Verify that the Record button Record button is red. If it is not red click it one time to start recording.
  3. Select the Preserve log checkbox.
  4. Click the Clear buttonĀ  Clear button to clear existing logs from the Network tab.
  5. While recording the network requests, reproduce the issue you experienced.
  6. After you reproduce the issue, right-click anywhere in the grid of network requests and select Save as HAR with Content.
  7. Save the file.

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