Video Tutorial: How to Configure Global Protect on PAN Firewall

Video Tutorial: How to Configure Global Protect on PAN Firewall

Created On 10/23/19 22:55 PM - Last Modified 09/21/22 23:11 PM

  • 00:01 - Gives a brief Network overview of how Global Protect (GP) configuration works.
  • 01:57 - Configures SSL Certs for GP Portal and Gateway.
  • 04:00 - Locates the GP Certificate on the client device.
  • 04:57 - Configures the SSL/TLS Service Profile.
  • 05:49 - Configures an Authorization mechanism that the GP Portal or Gateway can utilize (ie..LDAP).
  • 08:09 - Configures the GP Portal.
  • 14:05 - Stages the Client software on the GP Portal itself.
  • 15:29 - Sets up the GP Gateway with Tunnel Interface.
  • 22:24 - Installs Agent software on client device and connect to GP Gateway.

  • One Palo Alto Networks Firewall operating as both Portal and Gateway
  • One external Client device (Windows OS) with GP Client software
  • LDAP Domain Controller for authentication
  • PAN-OS 9.0
  • GP Agent 5.0.1


Note: This video is from the Palo Alto Network Learning Center course, Firewall 9.0 Essentials: Configuration and Management (EDU-110).
To learn more or sign up to view the online class, please go to

Additional Information
For additional information on configuring and troubleshooting Global Protect, please click here for the Global Protect Resource List.

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