How to download the user-id agent

How to download the user-id agent

Created On 10/15/19 21:52 PM - Last Modified 05/19/21 03:22 AM


Download the User-ID Agent from the CSP (Customer Support Portal)


  • PAN-OS
  • User-ID Agent (UIA)


  1. Open a browser and go to the Customer support portal website.( 
  2. Login with a valid Support Account
  3. Go to the Support portal > Updates > Software Update >
  4. Use the drop down selection to select 'User Identification Agent'
User ID download
  1. Both the "UserID Agent or "UserID credential Agent" can be downloaded from here. Make sure the version is compatible with PAN-OS by going through the release notes and checking the Compatibility Matrix.

Note: Check the Palo Alto Networks Compatibility Matrix on where the User-ID Agent can be installed

Additional Information

For more details on "Credential Agent" Refer to  Where Can I Install The User Id Credential Service and Configure Credential Detection With The Windows Based User Id Agent

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