Prisma Cloud Customer Support Process Update FAQ

Prisma Cloud Customer Support Process Update FAQ

Created On 04/11/19 23:11 PM - Last Modified 12/05/23 23:03 PM


Q: How do I get support?
A: Click on the icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Prisma Cloud console and select “Get Help” to navigate to the Prisma Cloud LIVE Community, where you can search the documentation, knowledge base, and community as well as create a case.

Q: What are my Support Portal login credentials?
A: Your Support Portal login credentials are the same as your Palo Alto Networks Marketplace credentials.

Q: Why can’t I use my Prisma Cloud login credentials for the Support Portal?
A: Prisma Cloud user accounts are currently authenticated within the product. Therefore, you need separate credentials for the LIVE community. We are working to integrate with Palo Alto Networks authentication, after which you’ll be able to use one set of credentials.

Q: Where is the “Create Case” button?
A: Click the lock icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Prisma Cloud console and select the “Get Help” option to go to the LIVE community, where you can create a case.

Q: How do I find my old cases?
A: Old cases have been migrated to the new system and are searchable by case number.

Q: What is a serial number?
A: A serial number is a unique sequence of numbers and letters used to identify your Prisma Cloud subscription.

Q: When do I need my serial number? 
A: You need your serial number for validation and security purposes if you call Customer Support.

Q: Where can I find my serial number?
A: You can see your serial number on the Licensing page (Settings → Licensing).

Q: Where is the technical documentation?
A: You can search Prisma Cloud technical documentation by clicking on the lock icon in the lower right-hand corner of the Prisma Cloud console and selecting “Find Answers” on the Prisma Cloud LIVE Community and Technical Documentation 

Q: What is LIVEcommunity?
A: The Prisma Cloud LIVE Community provides access to thousands of articles to help you troubleshoot and solve your technical challenges. In addition, the Discussions area connects you with more than 35,000 Palo Alto Networks users and experts to ask questions, get advice, and learn about how to get more from your Palo Alto Networks technology.

Q: How do I contact the Customer Success team?
A: Our Customer Success team maintains a regular cadence of calls with customers. You can also reach the team by creating a ticket on the LIVE community.

Q: How do I access the online training? 
A: You can access the Prisma Cloud: Securing the Public Cloud (EDU-150) training course from the Palo Alto Networks Learning Center. If you already have an account, log in to access EDU-150. Otherwise, register for access here.

Prisma Cloud Support Information

Prisma Cloud LIVE Community or Customer Support Portal

With the Premium Success Plan, you can reach a regional Support team at these numbers. Please have your serial number ready.

  • United States: (866) 898-9087
  • International: +1 (408) 738-7799
  • EMEA: +31 20 808 4600 (available from all countries)
  • APAC: +65 3158 5600 (available from all countries)
  • Japan: 01 2018 4025 (toll-free from Japan only)
  • Australia: 1 800 002 378 (toll-free from Australia only)
  • China: +86 400 639 9205 (toll-free from China only)
  • Hong Kong: +86 400 639 9205 (toll-free from Hong Kong only)
  • India: 000 800 442 0164 (toll-free from India only)
  • Saudi Arabia:
    • 800844 0412 (toll-free for Saudi Telecom Company customers only)
    • 800850 0011 (toll-free for Bharti Airtel customers only)
  • Taiwan:
    • 0800868832 (toll-free from Taiwan only)
    • 0800868822 (toll-free from Taiwan only)
  • United Arab Emirates: 8000 444 0585 (toll-free from UAE only) 

Critical Information Needed for Phone Support

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Serial number
  • Priority of the problem (critical/high/medium/low)
  • Brief description of your issue/question

Useful Information When Submitting Support Tickets

  • Brief description of issue/question
  • What is the impact?
  • When did this problem start (date/time)?
  • Is the problem reproducible?
    • If so, please share the steps to reproduce
  • Any other relevant information to help support engineers understand the problem


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