How to revert uncommitted changes on the firewall?

How to revert uncommitted changes on the firewall?

Created On 09/18/19 02:33 AM - Last Modified 01/05/21 20:51 PM

The objective of this article is to show how to undo (revert) the configuration changes prior using commit operation. 
Reverting changes is useful when you want to undo changes to multiple settings as a single operation instead of manually re-configuring each setting.

  • Any PAN-OS
  • Any Palo Alto Firewall

The Running configuration on the firewall has all settings that has been committed and is currently active.
The Candidate configuration is a copy of the running configuration and any changes done after the last commit. These changes are not yet active and will be activated after the commit operation.

If the configuration changes done are not required and need to be undone prior using commit operation, you can use one of the methods below.

Method 1

GUI : Config > Revert Changes.

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Method 2

GUI: Device > Setup > Operations > Revert > Revert to running configuration.

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Once the operation is completed, the changes to the candidate configuration are undone and both the running-configuration and the candidate-configuration will be identical.


Additional Information
Refer article  Backing up and Restoring configurations or documentation Manage Configuration Backups for a more detailed information and other ways of managing configurations.

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