VM-ELA Token Model Overview

VM-ELA Token Model Overview

Created On 11/29/18 21:09 PM - Last Modified 11/04/19 13:34 PM

  • Provide access to multiple VM-Series models in a single ELA
  • Allow complete flexibility to deploy any VM-Series models during the ELA term
  • Maintain unbounded spirit of ELA
    • The bounded or unbounded status of the ELA is displayed under Assets > Enterprise Agreements
      • In the Bounded period, there is a limit on the consumption of licenses.  A 150% growth cap is set for the first 1.5yrs of 3yr term and first 3yrs of the 5yr term. 
      • In the unbounded period there is no limit on the consumption of licenses. 

 A super user who activates the VM-ELA auth code will be automatically appointed the ELA-Administrator role in the Support Portal.
  • Note: ELA-Administrator role can be added & removed without restrictions by the super user on the account.
  • Note: ELA Admin authority will be automatically granted to an account super user during activation of the ELA auth code under Assets > Enterprise Agreements.   
  • Note: ONLY the ELA- Administrator can view the buttons under Enterprise Agreements to grant and manage tokens.
Step 1: Super User - Activate ELA authcode: Assets > Enterprise Agreements
“Activate Enterprise Agreement” button using the new ELA auth code on Enterprise Agreement screen.

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 ELA is now displayed within the new “Enterprise Agreement: VM-Series” section on the Enterprise Agreement page.
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 Upon activation super user is automatically made the ELA Admin for this account.

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Upon activation two buttons will appear on the Enterprise Agreements page.  These are only visible to the ELA-Administrator.
  • 1. Grant VM-Series Token button: Allows the ELA Admin user to add other CSP accounts to the VM-ELA.
    • Email must exist in the CSP portal in order to receive a grant.
    • CSP account user being invited must accept the grant
  • 2.Manage VM-Series Token button: allows the ELA Administrator  to freely allocate tokens across different VM Model capacity licenses for CSP accounts which have been added to the ELA.
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 All VM platforms offered will display under Assets >  VM-Series Auth-Codes
Quantities show zero if the ELA Administrator has not granted tokens to the account (Example below).
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Step 2: ELA Admin can grant VM-ELA access to additional CSP accounts (via email address):
 Email must exist in the Support Portal in order to receive a grant. Grant VM-Series function can be issued multiple times if need be.

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Step 3: Account owner confirms grant Email is received in Gmail:

Step 4: Receiving account super user  can click the Review Tokens Grant  and Agree and Accept as shown below.
The Review Tokens Grant grants button will display in every account of which the grant recipient is a member.  Recipient must change to the account in which they wish to accept the grant.  If a user mistakenly accepts a grant into the wrong account, they can ask the ELA-Admin to retrigger the grant. 
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Once the grant is accepted,  the support account ID will display in the Enterprise Agreements Screen:

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Step 5: ELA Admin - Manage VM-Series Token:
ELA Admin can see both Support Portal accounts in the Drop Down and allocate token accordingly.
 Only members with the ELA-Administrator Role can view or use this functionality.

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ELA Administrator  selects number of  VMs by model they would like to allocate tokens to per each account. The system will automatically calculate the token values for those VM’s. In this example  qty 10- VM-50’s worth 100 tokens & qty 10- VM-500’s worth 1400 tokens have been allocated.
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The system will automatically add the 10- VM-50’s & 10- VM-100’s into the selected CSP account “VM-Series” auth code page.
Step 6: Account owner can then register/deactivate the VM’s in the action’s column. (VM quantities & Token counts will be adjusted accordingly.)

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