How to Aggregate Routes and Advertise via BGP

How to Aggregate Routes and Advertise via BGP

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  • Route aggregation allows you to combine groups of routes with common addresses into a single entry in the routing table. This decreases the size of the routing table as well as the number of route advertisements sent by the routing device.
  • Route aggregation works when it has one or more contributing route.
  • A contributing route is an active route that is a more specific match for the aggregate destination.
  • Example: for the aggregate destination , route is a contributing route, while ,  are not.


  • Aggregate Route :
  • Contributing route  :
  • Non-Contributing route ,

Routing Table


Step1: Configure the Redistribution Profiles with Destination as the Routes that need to be aggregated or summarized.


Step 2: Configure the Aggregate section with the aggregated route. This route would be  a summary of the Destinations configured in Redistribution Profile  and advertised to the EBGP neighbor.


Step 3: Configure the Redistribution Rule selecting the Redistribution Profile configured with Step1 and commit the changes. .



  • Check the Local RIB which shows the component of the Aggregated Route present in the Routing Table.

    Aggregate-Local RIB.GIF

  • RIB Out shows the Aggregated Route being advertised.

    Aggregate-RIB out.GIF

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