Logging VWire Link State Change in the System Logs

Logging VWire Link State Change in the System Logs

Created On 09/26/18 13:54 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:40 PM



When link state pass through is enabled in VWire, why do the logs only show one interface down? 



 This is expected behavior.  As an example, if two interfaces, Ethernet 2/1 and  Ethernet 2/2, are configured as a VWire pair with link state pass through enabled, if Ethernet 2/1 goes down for any reason, Ethernet 2/2 will also go offline automatically. The Ethernet 2/1 event will be logged in the system logs but not the automatic link state change of  Ethernet 2/2  


Only the link which triggered the failure is recorded in order to identify the link with the problem. One

can confirm that Ethernet 2/2 is down either from the WebGUI by looking at the interface state or from CLI with the following command:

 > show interface Ethernet 2/2.


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