Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: Session is Missing Security Rule Information

Session is Missing Security Rule Information

Created On 02/07/19 23:42 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:42 PM
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The output to show session id does not show the security rule that the traffic is hitting. In the example below the security rule matched by the traffic is not present:

> show session id 4960

Session            4960

        c2s flow:

                source: [trust_9999]


                proto:       17

                sport:       60909          dport:    162

                state:       ACTIVE         type:     FLOW

                src user:    panrcks\administrator

                dst user:    unknown


        s2c flow:

                source: [trust_8888]


                proto:       17

                sport:       162            dport:    60909

                state:       ACTIVE         type:     FLOW

                src user:    unknown

                dst user:    panrcks\administrator


        start time                    : Sun Feb  3 03:10:53 2013

        timeout                       : 327 sec

        time to live                  : 202 sec

        total byte count(c2s)         : 1124

        total byte count(s2c)         : 590

        layer7 packet count(c2s)      : 1

        layer7 packet count(s2c)      : 1

        vsys                          : vsys1

        application                   : snmp-trap

        session to be logged at end   : True

        session in session ager       : True

        session synced from HA peer   : False

        layer7 processing             : enabled

        URL filtering enabled         : False

        session via sun-cookies       : False

        session terminated on host    : Ture

        session traverses tunnel      : False

        captive portal session        : False

        ingress interface             : ethernet1/3

        egress interface              : ethernet1/2

        diffserv marking IP DSCP      : 0x34

        session QoS rule              : N/A (class 4)



Session information with missing security rule information will appear if a security rule is modified or deleted, but there are still active sessions that match the rule. The sessions will continue to exist due to the traffic, but the rule information will not be present as the rule has been modified or no longer exists. The traffic logs will still show the security rule and all other information accurately.


Note: If it is required that a session should be checked against the new security rules after the configuration change, then the rematch sessions feature should be turned on. See the following document for details on session rematch:How Session Rematch Works.


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