Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: How to Activate BrightCloud URL Filtering

How to Activate BrightCloud URL Filtering

Created On 02/07/19 23:41 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:41 PM
URL Filtering

This document shows how to download and activate the BrightCloud URL filtering service for new installations or existing installations migrating to BrightCloud.

To activate and use the BrightCloud URL filtering service, first download the latest database. Download requests are served from BrightCloud’s servers located around the world.

As download requests are sourced from the management interface, internet connectivity must be verified before proceeding.

If this is a new installation, you must verify the management configuration and download and install the latest content release before activating the BrightCloud service.

For existing installations migrating to BrightCloud, the installation of a content database is already assumed. Existing installations with a content database can proceed directly to download and install the BrightClould database.

Management Configuration

  • Assign an IP address.
  • Assign a default gateway.
  • Confirm a DNS server has been configured.  Note: The Palo Alto device contacts the update servers by name and uses the DNS server to resolve the address.
  • Assign the proxy settings (as required).
  • Apply or retrieve the licenses.
  • If these have been configured, verify outbound internet access for the PAN device. To verify, access the CLI via the console or SSH and enter the command:

    admin@PAN>ping host

  • If you do not receive a response, try to ping the IP addresses of the default gateway or the DNS server to verify internet connectivity.
  • Once internet connectivity is verified, proceed to download the content database from Palo Alto Networks. The download can be performed from the WebUI or the CLI. The following commands can be used to initiate the process through the CLI.

Download and Install the latest content database

  • This command will send a query to our update servers to download the ‘latest’ content database.

    admin@PAN> request content upgrade download latest

  • This command is used to check if the database download has completed.

    admin@PAN> request content upgrade info

    Version               Size          Released on Downloaded


    xxx-xxx              124MB 2009/06/11  20:37:16        yes

  • After the download has completed, you will need to install the latest content database that was downloaded.

    admin@PAN> request content upgrade install version latest

Download and Install the latest URL filtering database

  • admin@PAN> request url-filtering upgrade brightcloud
  • admin@PAN> tail follow yes mp-log pan_bc_download.log  (used to check the status of the download)
  • After the download completes, on the WebUI the status of the Brightcloud option will change to ‘Activate’


  • ‘Activate’ will be a clickable link. When you click this link, it will apply the new DB, and will initiate a reset of the system.

Follow these steps to upgrade the databases. If you run into issues, contact your support provider.

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