Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: Network Adapter Issues When Moving Panorama VM Between VMWare ESXi Hosts

Network Adapter Issues When Moving Panorama VM Between VMWare ESXi Hosts

Created On 02/07/19 23:41 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:42 PM
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There were network adapter issues when moving Panorama VM from one VMware ESXi host to another VMware ESXi host with the error "Fault.VirtualEthernetCardNotSupported."



The issue may be caused by either the new VMware ESXi host with a different NIC driver or a corrupted VMware NIC driver.



Perform a two level back up before proceeding with the steps below to get the configuration of Panorama and the Palo Alto Networks firewall:

  1. VMware Level - Back up the VM files of the Panorama VM.
  2. Panorama Level - Back up Panorama.
    See the following document for more information on how to back up Panorama:How to Backup Panorama

Follow the instructions listed below to delete and recreate the Virtual Interface Card on the new VMWare ESXi host:

  1. Power down the Panorama VM on the new VMWare ESXi host.
  2. Delete the Panonama Management Interface on vSphere.
  3. Recreate the Management Interface.
  4. Power up the Panorama VM.
  5. Confirm that you can access the Panorama management interface.


There is no need to configure anything on the Panorama VM side; it is similar to Windows and Linux when booting up the NIC drivers are loaded automatically.


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