Device is Not Responding to SNMP Polls

Device is Not Responding to SNMP Polls

Created On 09/26/18 13:50 PM - Last Modified 01/23/24 03:24 AM


  • SNMP enabled on Palo Alto Firewall.
  • The interface is not responding to SNMP requests.
  • Monitoring the SNMP log using ">tail follow yes mp-log snmpd.log"display error message.
> tail follow yes mp-log snmpd.log
iquerySecName has not been configured - internal queries will fail
NET-SNMP version 5.4.4
Received TERM or STOP signal... shutting down...
  • Restarting SNMP using the CLI command "> debug software restart process snmpd" does not help


  • Palo Alto Firewall
  • Supported PAN-OS
  • SNMP


  • SNMP version1 configured which is not supported on Palo Alto Firewalls.
  • This can be verified by capturing tcpdump on the management interface
Simple Network Management Protocol
    version: version-1 (0)
    community: pantest
    data: get-request (0)



  1. Palo Alto Networks firewall supports SNMPv2c and SNMPv3.
  2. Ensure that the SNMP manager does not use SNMPv1.




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