Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: PAN-DB URL Activation Changes to Not Active after Refresh

PAN-DB URL Activation Changes to Not Active after Refresh

Created On 02/07/19 23:45 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:45 PM
URL Filtering


PAN-DB URL activation shows 'Yes' after activation, but is seen as 'No' after refreshing the WebGUI page.

  1. Device > Licenses > PAN-DB URL Filtering
    Click Download, then Activate.
  2. The Active field shows 'Yes,' indicating that PAN-DB URL Filtering is active.
  3. When the page is refreshed, the Active field shows 'No' again, indicating that PAN-DB is not active.


This can occur if there is any issue migrating to the PAN-DB database.



  1. Check the pan_bc_download.log, which lists an error:

> tail follow yes mp-log pan_bc_download.log

mp\pan_bc_download.log 05-01 17:18:29

Error downloading latest URL database


If a job is stuck, run the following command to determine the ID of the job:

> show jobs all

Look for a job that's not complete and record the Job ID. Then, clear the job:

> clear jobs id <id #>

  1. Check the system URL database setting and commit job status.

> set system setting url-database paloaltonetworks

> show jobs all

Job id

# Commit           102

Enqueued ID Type Status Result Completed


2013/05/29 16:15:48 102 Commit FIN FAIL 16:15:49


Details: template > HQTEMPLATE > config > devices > localhost.localdomain > deviceconfig > system > update-schedule > url-database Not available for PAN-DB


Resolve the error by running the following commands (HQTEMPLATE is the example template name shown in the warning message and should be replaced with the actual template name, if different):

> configure

# delete template HQTEMPLATE config deviceconfig system update-schedule url-database

# commit

# exit


After the template has been committed to Panorama, push it to the device.


PAN-DB URL filtering can now be activated.


owner: ukhapre

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