Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: How to license a Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewall without internet access

How to license a Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewall without internet access

Created On 09/26/18 13:48 PM - Last Updated 05/07/19 09:12 AM
Licensing PAN-OS
Steps to activate a license for a Palo Alto Networks VM-Series firewall installed on an ESXi server that does not have direct internet access.


  1. Access the web interface of the firewall. Navigate to Device > Licenses and click Activate Feature using Auth Code
Activate Feature
  1. Click Download Authorization File to download an authorizationfile.txt file on the client machine.
download authorization file
  1. Copy the above file to a computer that has access to the internet and log into the support portal. Click My VM-Series Auth-Codes and select the applicable auth-code from the list.
  2. Then click Register VM
Support Portal
  1. On the Register VM popup window select the authorization file. This will complete the registration process and the serial number of the VM-Series firewall will be attached to the record on the support site.
Register Virtual Machine
  1. Navigate to the My Devices tab and search for the VM-Series device just registered and click the PA-VM link. This will download the VM-Series license key for the client machine.
My Devices
  1. Copy the license key to the machine that can access the web interface of the VM-Series firewall and navigate to Device > License tab.
  2. Click Manually Upload License and enter the license key. The license will be activated on the device and the device will reboot.
  1. Log into the device and confirm that the dashboard displays a valid serial number. If it is unknown it means the device was not licensed.
  2. On the Device > Licenses tab, verify that the PA-VM license was added to the device.

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