Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: Viewing ARP Details for a Sub-interface

Viewing ARP Details for a Sub-interface

Created On 02/07/19 23:44 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:44 PM
Mobile Network Infrastructure


In general we can find details for each physical interface by using the show arp command as in the following example:

> show arp ethernet1/24

However, there does not appear to be an option to view ARP details for a sub-interface.



In order to view the ARP details for a sub-interface, use the show arp command and manually add the the sub-interface number.

The example below shows an output for an existing sub-interface number, 335:

> show arp ethernet1/24.335

maximum of entries supported :      32000

default timeout:                    1800 seconds

total ARP entries in table :        3

total ARP entries shown :           3

status: s - static, c - complete, e - expiring, i - incomplete

interface         ip address      hw address        port         status   ttl


ethernet1/24.335    00:18:8b:47:28:41 ethernet1/24   c      550

ethernet1/24.335   00:30:17:06:9b:69 ethernet1/24   c      1798


owner: ssunku

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