User does not Match Correct Policy but is Listed in Group Mapping from AD

User does not Match Correct Policy but is Listed in Group Mapping from AD

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User, betest1$, is a part of group "cn=domain controllers,cn=users,dc=pantac2003,dc=com". A security policy applying the group name is configured correctly on the Palo Alto Networks firewall. However, when the betest1$ user accesses anything through the firewall, the intended rule (with the group name applied) is not matched. It appears that the betest1$ user is not a member of the group listed in the policy.



The screenshot below shows the security policy with the example group applied:



The user, betest1$, has been verified as a member of the group:

> show user group name "cn=domain controllers,cn=users,dc=pantac2003,dc=com"

source type: service

source:      pantac2003

[1    ]\betest1$

[2    ]\w2k3ad$


From the traffic logs, the user is identified as "pantac2003\betest1$".


From the information gathered above, the issue is caused due to a mismatch between the username from the group mapping (\betest1$) and the username identified by the traffic logs (pantac2003\betest1$).



The user is getting identified as pantac2003\betest1$in the traffic logs, because the User-ID agent applies the netbios domain name. In the group mapping, the username\betest1$ has an additional ".com", which causes a match to fail.


Check the LDAP server profile settings for an entry in the Domain field:



Delete the domain name entirely and leave it blank, or trim the .com and leave "pantac2003".



After committing the changes, the user should be identified correctly as a part of the intended group that is specified in the policy.


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