Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: BrightCloud URL Filtering Exhibiting Multiple Unknown URLs

BrightCloud URL Filtering Exhibiting Multiple Unknown URLs

Created On 02/08/19 00:03 AM - Last Updated 02/08/19 00:04 AM


BrightCloud URL filtering is exhibiting multiple unknown URLs, even after clearing DP cache.


For example, the user runs the following CLI command to display URLs with "unknown" category:

> show running top-urls category unknown


Hits  Categories  URLs


3434  unknown

570   unknown

449   unknown

265   unknown

184   unknown

144   unknown

118   unknown

93    unknown

89    unknown

82    unknown


Note: The URL log also shows unknown categories because it records the URL category from the dataplane.


The management plane test url command is able to resolve the url:

> test url content-delivery-networks (Cloud db)


The dataplane test url-resolve-path is unknown

> debug dataplane test url-resolve-path tags.tiqcdn. com/

URL, category unknown


Clearing the dataplane cache and management plane dynamic cache with the following commands does not resolve the issue. The "unknown URL" hit continue to increment after clearing both cache:

> clear url-cache all

> delete dynamic-url host all



BrightCloud URL DB behavior for some websites is as follows:

  • If the global setting for dynamic-url (set deviceconfig setting url dynamic-url yes) is enabled and url-profile is not, the site returns unknown.
  • If the url-profile has dynamic-url enabled, but the global setting is disabled, the site returns not-resolved.
  • If both the global and url-profile has dynamic-url enabled, then the site is returned matching the cloud category.



If the url-profile has dynamic-url enabled, make sure that the global setting is also enabled.

  1. Go to Objects > Security Profiles > URL Filtering and choose URL Profile > Check Dynamic URL Filtering.
  2. Using BrightCloud, set Dynamic MP URL globally using the following commands:

> configure

# set deviceconfig setting url dynamic-url yes

# commit


For more information, refer to


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