How to View/Clear Sessions

How to View/Clear Sessions

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To list the active sessions on the firewall:

> show session all


ID/vsys   application     state   type flag   src[sport]/zone/proto (translated IP[port])
                                                                dst[dport]/zone (translated IP[port]

129617/1  skype           ACTIVE  PRED[0]/corp-trust/6 ([0])
                                                       [28775]/corp-untrust ([28775])

114143/1  yahoo-voice   ACTIVE  FLOW[49259]/corp-trust/6 ([49259])
                                                       [443]/corp-untrust ([443])



To clear a session by it's ID number:

> clear session ID 129617

session 129617 cleared


To clear all sessions:

> clear session all


To list the available filters when clearning sessions:

> clear session all filter

+ application        Application name
+ destination        destination IP address
+ destination-port   Destination port
+ destination-user   Destination user
+ from               From zone
+ nat                If session is NAT
+ nat-rule           Rule name
+ protocol           IP protocol value
+ proxy              session is decrypted
+ rule               Rule name
+ source             source IP address
+ source-port        Source port
+ source-user        Source user
+ state              flow state
+ to                 To zone
+ type               flow type
  <Enter>            Finish input


To clear sessions for a specific application:

> clear session all filter application skype

Sessions cleared


To clear sessions for a specific source or destination IP:

> clear session all filter source

Sessions cleared


> clear session all filter destination

Sessions cleared


Note: All commands to clear sessions will work the same on a single firewall or a pair of firewalls in High Availability (HA) configuration.


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