On-Site Spares (OSS) FAQs

On-Site Spares (OSS) FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions


Can the OSS be configured for remote management?

Yes, a management IP can be configured on the OSS for remote management.


Can the software be kept up-to-date even though it has no licensing?

App-only content can be updated from Panorama but PAN-OS needs to be uploaded manually using the image file. The system cannot be upgraded from the license servers since this requires license validation.


Can the OSS be configured as a third device in a HA cluster?

Because the spare unit doesn't require a license, it needs to remain completely off the network until used to replace an active licensed unit. Cables from the failed device would need to be physically moved to the OSS.


Can the license transfer be done without either device being on the network?

Yes, the license transfer is done on the Support Portal and neither device needs to be connected. Instead of retrieving license keys from the server, they can be downloaded to a PC and uploaded to the unit.

Can a customer convert their OSS (on site spare) to a Production device?

Yes, the customer will pay the difference between the purchase price of their OSS and the price of a production device and required to purchase support at the time of conversion. A new device will not be shipped to the customer they will only receive new authorization codes to convert their device. Sales will need to create a new quote that includes a new production device as well as support and subs. Please work with the Palo Alto Networks Sales rep to initiate the conversion.

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Refer to How to Transfer Licenses to a Spare Device


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