Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: App-ID changes for skydrive/ms-onedrive

App-ID changes for skydrive/ms-onedrive

Created On 02/08/19 00:03 AM - Last Updated 02/08/19 00:03 AM

The week of 12-January-2016 Palo Alto Networks plans to replace “skydrive” App-ID with “ms-onedrive” and related sub applications. We are making this change to provide additional functionality for more granular control of "ms-onedrive” application. In content 544 we included a placeholder app to aid policy migration.  We strongly adivse all customers to read the FAQ below to learn more about this change and its impact on existing firewall policies.



Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why did Palo Alto Networks Make this Change?


A: In February 2014 Microsoft rebranded their SkyDrive service as OneDrive. With these changes our App-ID name will be consistent with the software vendor. Also, by adding additional functional apps, Palo Alto Networks is able to provide more granular control over things like uploading and downloading.


Q: What happens if skydrive App-ID is not replaced by ms-onedrive App-ID in the security policies?


A:  On 12-January-2016 ms-onedrive App-ID will be functionally enabled and skydrive will be functionally disabled. Any traffic related to skydrive will be identified as ms-onedrive. Any security policy with skydrive App-ID will not be enforced to allow or block such traffic as it is now identified as ms-onedrive.


Q: What apps will be removed as part of these changes?


A: The following applications will be functionally disabled the week of 12-January-2016


  • skydrive-base
  • skydrive uploading


Q: What new functional apps will be added as part of ms-onedrive ?


A: The following new applications will be added as placeholder apps with Content version 544. They will be functionally enabled the week of 12-January-2016


  • ms-onedrive-base
  • ms-onedrive-uploading
  • ms-onedrive-downloading
  • ms-onedrive-share


Q: What policy changes will be required?


A: In order to guarantee operational continuity customers will be required to replace the skydrive related App-ID’s with corresponding “ms-onedrive” apps in any and all existing policies.



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