How to Display PAN or Panorama Log Database (logdb) Disk Space

How to Display PAN or Panorama Log Database (logdb) Disk Space

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Disk usage looks at the accumulation of all of the logs and will never reach %100 because the logs will overwrite themselves.

Use the following CLI command to display the log partition size on a PAN or Panorama:

(The sample output below is from Panorama)

>show system logdb-quota

total log disk size: 10 GB


traffic: 50%, 5GB

threat: 16%, 1GB

system: 4%, 0GB

config: 4%, 0GB

appstat: 4%, 0GB

trsum: 4%, 0GB

trsum: 4%, 0GB

Disk usage:

traffic: Logs: 4.8G, Index:  748M

threat: Logs: 1.6G, INdex:  274M

appstatdb: Logs: 38M, Index: 13M

trsum: Logs: 8.0K, Index: 8.0K

thsum: Logs: 8.0K, Index: 8.0K

config: Logs: 1.6M, Index: 600K

system: Logs: 26M, Index:5.1M


traffic Logs: 4.8G, Index 778M

theat: Logs: 1.6G, Index: 270M

appstatdb: Logs: 37M, Index: 12M

trsum: Logs: 4.1K, Index: 4.1K

thsum: Logs: 4.1K, Index: 4.1K

config: Logs: 1.4M, Index: 292K

sysem: Logs: 25M, Index: 2M

There are 3 sections:

Quotas: is the actual quotas that are configured on the drive.

Disk usage: is how much of the disk space is actually used by the different logs, based on the disk layout (i.e. blocksize)

Data: is how much data there actually is, if it were not tied to the disk layout.

Within Disk usage and Data, Logs represents the space used just by the log file.

Index is the space used by the index of the log file. An index is used for increasing performance of queries.


To clear a log file, enter the CLI command:

> clear log <log>

More information on exporting logs can be found in this document: How to Export Logs

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