NTP Server error : An error occured.

NTP Server error : An error occured.

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When running the show ntp command, the following error is returned:

> show ntp

Server error : An error occured. See dagger.log for information.


If you then look at the dagger.log, you will see:


> tail mp-log dagger.log

state = self.sdb[sysdns.SYSD_TIME_NTP_STATE_FMT]

SystemError: TIMEOUT

Jul 09 05:07:23 OPCMD: handler "interface"

Jul 09 05:08:03 OPCMD: handler "ha_show.state"

Jul 09 05:08:23 OPCMD: handler "environmentals.all"

Jul 09 13:48:27 OPCMD: handler "ntp_state"

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "/usr/share/dagger/ntp_state.py", line 11, in __str__

state = self.sdb[sysdns.SYSD_TIME_NTP_STATE_FMT]

SystemError: TIMEOUT



The error above will occur when the internal timeout of 8 seconds has run out waiting for a response from the NTP server.

This can occur if:

  1. NTP servers not reachable.
  2. Reverse DNS lookup on NTP server IP address failed.



  • Make sure that the NTP server can be reached from the firewall
  • If a host name is used, it needs to be resolvable from the firewall
  • The DNS server configured on the firewall must have a reverse DNS entry for the IP address of the NTP server


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