How to View Decrypted Traffic

How to View Decrypted Traffic

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This article will describe multiple ways to confirm whether traffic has been decrypted or not.



To confirm decrypt on the CLI, use the following command:

> show session all filter ssl-decrypt yes


Decrypted sessions will have an * (asterisk) associated with them. Viewing the session ID will mark application 'app-name (proxy)', confirming that session is decrypted.



To confirm that the traffic is decrypted inside the WebGUI > Monitor > Logs > Traffic.  Click the magnifying glass icon in the traffic log entries to confirm that the connections were decrypted.


2017-11-08_decrypted2.jpgYou will see the "Decrypted " checkbox checked when the traffic is decrypted. 


Another way to validate the decrypted session is by enabling the column "Decrypted" as below Traffic logs . This can be done by clicking on the arrow down next to any column title and selecting the Columns > Decrypted.


2017-11-08_decrypted3.jpgTraffic logs after enabling the Decrypted column.


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