Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: How to Manually Import and Install PAN-OS from the CLI

How to Manually Import and Install PAN-OS from the CLI

Created On 02/08/19 00:02 AM - Last Updated 02/08/19 00:02 AM


This document describes the steps to manually import and install PAN-OS on a Palo Alto Networks device from the CLI.



  1. Download the PAN-OS image from the Palo Alto Networks support portal (
  2. View the checksum by clicking on the Show MD5 link:
  3. The checksum can be verified once downloaded using utilities, such as, md5sum (Linux) or WinMD5Free (Windows):
    • Example of md5 checking on linux:
      # md5sum PanOS_200-5.0.5
      d52609c93335e5321b3069a757e28620  PanOS_200-5.0.5

    • Example of md5 checking on Windows using WinMD5Free:
  4. Once software is staged on the appropriate server for import, run the following command via CLI:
    > scp import software from
      <value>  Source (username@host:path)

    Following example shows a sample path assuming hosted on a Windows SCP Server:
    > scp import software from user@
    user@'s password: ****

    PanOS_200-5.0.5                       99%  180MB   2.7MB/s   00:00 ETA
    PanOS_200-5.0.5                      100%  181MB   2.4MB/s   01:15
    PanOS_200-5.0.5 saved

  5. Once uploaded, you can then initiate an install.
    Note: Software that is retrieved/downloaded directly from the update server (for example, imports with SCP/TFTP) will NOT populate the list of available/downloadable images.



> request system software install file <value>
  PanOS_200-5.0.5      2013/05/30 18:27:51   185051.1K

  <value>              Upgrade to a software package by filename



Go to Device > Software and click Install From File. Then, manually scroll for the imported image in the drop-down menu.


Note: The step to import the PAN-OS image (Step 4 above) can also be performed with TFTP using the following command:

> tftp import software from <tftp host> file <Source path>


The following lines show a complete example:

> tftp import software from file PanOS_200-5.0.5

mode set to octet

Connected to (, port 69

getting from to /tmp/cli.tmp.MX0Ilu [octet]

Received 189492288 bytes in 269.5 seconds [5624095 bit/s]


Step 5 for the PAN-OS install procedure still applies regardless of import method.


Note:  Download the base image. Do not install at this time. Next download and install the minor release. Reboot device.


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