How to Perform a Graceful Shutdown

How to Perform a Graceful Shutdown

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Since PAN-OS 5.0, the option to gracefully shut down a device is supported.  During a graceful shut down, the device performs the following tasks:

  • All login sessions are logged off.
  • Interfaces are disabled.
  • All system processes are stopped.
  • Existing sessions are closed and logged out.
  • System Logs are created to show the administrator name who initiated the shutdown.  If this log entry cannot be written, a warning will appear and the system will not shutdown.
  • Disk drives are cleanly unmounted and the device powered off.

Note: Any configuration changes that have not been saved or committed will be lost.

There are two ways to perform a graceful shut down.

  • Via GUI:
    • Click on Device tab > Setup link > Operations tab.
    • Click on shutdown device under device operations.
    • Click Yes on the confirmation prompt.
    • Wait a few minutes for the shut down process to complete.
  • Via CLI:
    • Issue the command: request shutdown system

      Sample output.

      > request shutdown system

      Warning: executing this command will leave the system in a shutdown state. Power must be removed and reapplied for the system to restart. Do you want to continue? (y or n)

    • Wait until  System Halted is displayed on the console.

Unplug the power source and plug it back for the device to power up.

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