Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: How to Increase the Max. Rows in CSV Export

How to Increase the Max. Rows in CSV Export

Created On 05/06/19 22:49 PM - Last Updated 05/07/19 08:23 AM
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The default maximum rows in CSV export is 65536.  If you need to increase the maximum export limit follow the instructions below.

       1. On the GUI, navigate to Device > Setup >Management
        2. Click the Edit icon for the Logging and Reporting Setting box and navigate to Log Export and Reporting tab.
The second option down is Max. Rows in CSV Export.
         4. Set the value to the desired number (1 - 1048576).


From CLI: Go to configuration mode.

# set deviceconfig setting management max-rows-in-csv-export <value>


Warning: Increasing the export to the maximum amount, 1048576, may cause management of the device to slow when exporting but will not affect the traffic traversing the firewall.

PAN-OS 7.0:



PAN-OS 9.0:
latest PAN-OS 9.0

Additional Information
How to Export Logs, Refer:How to Export Logs

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