Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: How To Control YouTube with Safe Search Enabled

How To Control YouTube with Safe Search Enabled

Created On 02/08/19 00:00 AM - Last Updated 02/08/19 00:00 AM
URL Filtering

The YouTube safety mode setting helps screen out potentially objectionable content on YouTube.


The Safe Search Enforcement option is an option that can be enabled in a URL filtering profile. It is used to prevent users, who are searching the internet using one of the top three search providers: Google, Bing, or Yahoo, from viewing search results, unless the strict safe search option for the search provider is set in the browsers or user account. This option on the URL Filtering Profile will be valid for YouTube the same way it is valid for Google, Yahoo and Bing search providers.


Select the Safe Search Enforcement check box in the URL Filtering Profile (under Objects > Security Profiles > URL Filtering), as shown below:

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.32.24 PM.png


Safe Search will be enforced whenever a user request matches a security policy rule, with the corresponding URL Filtering security profile attached.

Screen Shot 2014-04-21 at 4.38.11 PM.png


Testing Safe Search Enforcement on YouTube

  1. Open YouTube in browser.
  2. Search for adult movies. This search will be SUCCESSFUL. The website will display a list of adult videos with thumbnails, but trying to open the videos will fail. If we try to open the adult the video, the firewall will present a block page requesting to change the safe search settings as shown below:
  3. An end user can change the safety settings for YouTube at the bottom of the webpage as shown below:
  4. Now test YouTube by searching for adult content. The results of the search are mostly filtered for adult content. There might be some videos that still needs to be filtered out. Report such videos to YouTube to make their filters accurate.


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