When to request a Support Event

When to request a Support Event

Created On 09/25/18 19:20 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:57 PM


This document details what a Support Event is, lists any requirements for creating an event, and discusses when an event should NOT be requested.


What is an event?

An event is a scheduled session with a support engineer where all parties will join a bridge at a predetermined time to conduct whatever troubleshooting or maintenance has been agreed upon.


When should an event NOT be requested?

  • Regular maintenance
  • Software upgrades (unless previous attempt was unsuccessful)
  • New or initial feature configuration (unless configured and not working)
  • Configuration validation and review
  • Performance tuning
  • New hardware deployment (i.e. cutover or migration)
  • Network changes

NOTE: If an event for one of the above activities is required, please contact your account team for assistance options.


When should an event be requested?

  • Failed upgrade attempts
  • Maintenance windows associated to a support case with an existing technical issue
  • Troubleshooting session to resolve an ongoing technical issue


Remote meeting requirements

Palo Alto Networks Support needs some required and optional information to service all requests. Several pieces of information are critical to ensure an effective interaction with support. This required information will assist our engineers in understanding the scope, time, and requirements of the requested event in advance.


Any optional information will aid in further improving the effectiveness of a planned event and are greatly encouraged where possible. 


NOTE: Please be aware, to properly schedule an event, there is a 48-hour advance notice required. Please call support directly for emergency situations (see Support Phone Numbers on the support portal).


Required information

  • Start date and time, including local time zone
  • Scheduled duration of the window
  • Meeting details if hosted by a party other than Palo Alto Networks
  • Production or lab environment
  • Primary and backup contact person:
    1. Name
    2. Email address
    3. Phone / cell phone number
  • Addition stakeholders where relevant
  • Description problem to be addressed and intended activities
  • Release of PAN-OS, and if applicable, the target release
  • Roll back plan and cut-off time in case of event window constraints


Optional information

  • Network diagrams (logical and physical)
  • Contact details of all technical stakeholders (such as routing, switching or datacenter teams where applicable).
  • Potential impact to services, if known


Weekend activities

Scheduled weekend events are available only for urgent matters where it is not possible to perform the activities outside business hours on weekdays.


All weekend events that are requested will be evaluated and approved on a per-case basis.


Please contact support for any questions about scheduling events.

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