What is HA-Lite on Palo Alto Networks PA-200?

What is HA-Lite on Palo Alto Networks PA-200?

Created On 09/25/18 19:10 PM - Last Modified 09/21/22 23:03 PM

HA-Lite is the name of the high-availability feature on the PA-200. It offers a lighter version of the HA capabilities found on the other Palo Alto Networks hardware platforms. A limited version of HA is necessary on PA-200s because of the limited number of ports available for synchronization.

HA-Lite offers the following capabilities:
  • A/P High Availability without session sync
  • Failover of IPSec Tunnels (sessions must be re-established)
  • DHCP Lease information
  • PPPoE lease information
  • Configuration sync
  • Layer 3 forwarding tables
Features not available in HA-Lite:
  • Jumbo Frames
  • Link Aggregation
  • A/A High Availability
  • A/P High Availability with session synchronization

Note: Configuration for HA-Lite is similar to configuring active/passive HA, except there is no configuration available for HA2. This is because HA2 is used for session sync and HA-Lite does not support session sync.

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