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Tag Browser

Created On 09/25/18 19:03 PM - Last Modified 07/18/19 20:12 PM


Tags can be used in many ways to simplify an administrator's tasks or improve the visibility in a lengthy rulebase: Tags can simply be used to assign a specific color to zones, as they can be easily identified by color, or to identify policies by their purpose.


Our video and accompanying article show how to use tags like a pro.




In the Policies section, the Tag Browser can be popped up for easy access to the available tags.



The tags can either be sorted alphabetically, or by rule order (default). The rule order may look a little odd, as tags seem to repeat, but this can be used advantageously!


  • From the Tag Browser, you can drag and drop tags onto untagged policies, or additonal tags can be added to already tagged policies.

A popup requests confirmation, and if an additional tag is added to an already tagged rule, a checkbox will request if the new tag should be made the first tag for the rule (so the 'Filter by first tag' can be applied).




If you prefer not to drag and drop a tag into a policy or want to add tags to multiple policies at once, you can also highlight the desired policies and use the dropdown option next to the tag to assign it to the rule.




  • You can also easily filter your security policy to display only certain types of policies by clicking the desired tags (automatically creating a filter) which, in the case of 'rule order' sorting, will also include identical tags above or below the tag clicked in the list.



  • Rules can also be sorted by moving tags in the Tag Browser to be grouped together by dragging and dropping the tags in the new location which will then move the security policy to that position in the rulebase.2016-07-12_14-07-31.jpg

    Rules can also be moved using the dropdown button next to the rule number a tag is in.


I hope this video and article have helped you make life a little easier. Please feel free to leave any comments below.


Stay safe,


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