Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: Reports from Email Scheduler Appear Different from WebGUI Reports

Reports from Email Scheduler Appear Different from WebGUI Reports

Created On 02/07/19 23:49 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:50 PM
Reporting and Logging


When a Custom Report is scheduled through the Email Scheduler, it appears to be different than a report generated from the WebGUI.


Shown below are two Custom Report examples, (Monitor > PDF Reports > Custom Reports):



See the Report Group below (Monitor > PDF Reports > Report Group):



There is a Email Scheduler sending the reports from this Report Group (Monitor > PDF Reports > Email Scheduler):



The Custom Report generated from the WebGUI looks like this:



The Custom Report sent from the Email Scheduler looks like this:



The report generated from the WebGUI appears as expected, but the report from the Email Scheduler is missing some data and does not appear the same.



When configuring the Report Group, there are 2 options to choose a report from. One is under the "custom report" tree and the other is from the "log view" tree.

If "custom report" tree is selected only the report will be sent without all of the log data.

If "log view" tree is selected, all logs corresponding to the report will be sent in the pdf report.

custom log report.pngReport Group detail, showing the Custom Report and Log View options.



In order to display all of the data from the logs in the Emailed Reports, go to Monitor > PDF Reports > Report Groups and select the report from under the "Log View" tree instead from under Custom Report.


Note: Panorama does not include the "Log View" option, so you will have to rely on the reports from the Firewall directly if you would like this data.


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