How to Verify/Test URL Category in GUI

How to Verify/Test URL Category in GUI

Created On 09/25/18 18:40 PM - Last Modified 02/07/19 23:52 PM



There is an option to allow users to verify/test the URL categorization used from the GUI under Objects > Security Profiles > URL Filtering Profile. This is handy to check while troubleshooting an issue or while configuring new URL's to determine what category needs to be allowed or blocked.


Depending on the URL filtering license that is activated, this link will open a web page to the BrightCloud or Palo Alto Networks website verification tool.

check url category.png


The URL's are as follows:


BrightCloud's URL Test Site:


Palo Alto Networks URL Test site:


URL categorization can still be verified from the CLI with the following command below:

admin@myNGFW> test url internet-portals (Base db) expires in 93000 seconds internet-portals (Cloud db)



several test categories are available for pandb:

... with category)


For the category which contains space characters, replace space character with hyphen. For example, for "Recreation and Hobbies" category, the link will be,

And it must be all lower case. Otherwise, 404 error is returned.

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