How to Use the New Case List in Case Management

How to Use the New Case List in Case Management

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Updated 04/21/20 00:46 AM


The Case Management function of the Customer Support Portal (CSP) will be significantly changed starting October 7, 2017. The Palo Alto Networks Support Operations Team worked with customers, partners, and UI design experts to design a more intuitive, action-focused user interface for managing your cases with Global Customer Support. This document describes the features of the Case List page, which is accessed by navigating to the CSP and clicking the Support Cases link.



Case List Page Features


  1. Click on one of these links to navigate to the Palo Alto Networks company website, Customer Support Portal (CSP), or the LIVE Community.
  2. Enter a query into this text box to use the global search feature to find solutions in our knowledge base, LIVE Community discussions, technical documentation, or on our website.
  3. Clicking this profile icon will give you access to the CSP functions Edit ProfileChange Password, and Logout.
  4. If you find the new interface for case management too confusing, you can always switch back to the former "legacy" view by clicking this link.  You can also switch to the legacy view to see cases more than six months old.
  5. The intent of this selection of tabs is to make it easier for you to understand whether you have to review and take action on a case or if that case is currently being handled by Palo Alto Networks. By clicking on one of these tabs, you will access the following predefined lists of your cases:
    - Open - All cases with the status "Open" that have been logged for the previous six months..
    - Closed - All cases with the status "Closed" that have been logged for the previous six months.
    - All Cases - All cases, regardless of status or disposition with Support (open or closed) that have been logged for the previous six months.

    Please note that each of these clickable lists in this interface have been limited to a timespan of six months for purposes of performance. Open cases will be listed in this interface regardless of tenure. If a longer timespan for a case look-back is required, please use the Export All Cases button (Feature 7 in the screenshot above) or the legacy view (Feature 4).
  6. If you need to create a new case with Support, use this button to start the Create a Case wizard to guide you through the steps to do so.
  7. When clicked, this button will enable you to download your entire history of cases with Palo Alto Networks Global Customer Support in a Microsoft Excel format for offline processing.
  8. We have changed way the columns work in the case list so that it is easier to sort, filter, and find that particular case for which you are looking. The default columns available are: Case Number, Subject, Priority, Status, Case Owner, and Date/Time Opened. 



In addition to the Case Number, Subject, Priority, Status, Case Owner and Date/Time Opened fields, ASCs see the Account field in the Case List view by default.


To use the new case list features, start by clicking on the column header name to sort by that column. An up-arrow means that that column is sorted in ascending order. A down-arrow indicates a descending order. In this screen-grab, the Case Number column is sorted in descending order.

cno desc.png


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