How to Register 7000 and 5400- Series Chassis, Line Cards and 4-Hour Premium Support

How to Register 7000 and 5400- Series Chassis, Line Cards and 4-Hour Premium Support

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Customers registering 7000 and 5400-series firewalls will be asked to provide associated line card quantities as well as location information. Location information is required to maintain accurate inventory in RMA depots.   The cards may be associated with a chassis or registered as stand-alone components.  All information may be modified, but the system will not allow line cards to be registered in one location and associated with a chassis located in another.   


Registering the Chassis:

You can register 7000 and 5400 series chassis, line cards, and 4-hour Premium Support in Products > Assets or Products > Devices.

To use Products > Assets , select Products > Assets  from the menu
PA 2024-01-22_11-28-56.png

Then, select Account Actions > Activate Asset.
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Or, to use Products > Devices , select Products > Devices from the menu.
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Click Register New Device button.

Use the following steps for both Product > Assets and Product > Devices pages. 
  • Enter the device serial number in the [Serial Number] field.
  • The system will display the total number of chassis and components under [ Available Components]. 
  • Check the box next to the components you wish to associate to the serial number and select the appropriate quantity.  

Please Note:

If you ordered multiple  chassis, remember you will need to allocate quantities for the other chassis.


  • To ensure timely turnaround should an RMA be needed, enter the [ Location Information] of the chassis and components.  Click the [Agree and Submit] button to agree to the legal terms.
  • The newly registered chassis will be displayed under [Assets -> Devices] and the components will be listed under [Assets -> Line Card/Optics/FRUs].

    Line Cards/Optics/FRUs

    After registration the components will appear under [Line Cards/Optics/FRUs].   Customers will have to ability to:

    • Register stand-alone components not associated with a chassis serial number.
    • Modify Registered Components including:
      • Change the association and quantities of components allocated to a chassis serial number
      • Change the location information of components
        • Please note:
          • If a component was previously associated to a chassis serial number and the location is modified, the chassis association will be removed.   A component can’t be identified in one location and the chassis in another.   
          • To associate the component to a new serial number and location, click the component and add a chassis serial number.  The component will inherit the location information of the chassis.

    Figure 1. Device Registration

    2.pngFigure 2. Line Cards/Optics/FRUs

    3. Register components
    Figure 3. Register Components 

    Register Components

    • Under Line Cards/Optics/ Frus, enter the Palo Alto Networks Sales Order Number of the stand-alone components into the Sales Order Number field. Components eligible for registration will display..
    • Register the components to an existing device by entering that chassis serial number. The location information will auto-populate with the location information of that serial number.   
    • Click the [Agree and Submit] button to accept the legal terms and the system will display the registered components under the [Assets -> Line Cards/Optics/Frus]


      Modify  Registered Components

      • To modify a component, click the part number in the [Components] column in the [Line Cards/Optics/FRUs]
      • The [Line Card Details] window will display the Serial Number, Quantity, and Location Information fields. If the component was previously registered with a chassis serial number, the serial number will be pre-populated along with the location information of the chassis.
      • When modifying the Location Information of the component:
        • A component already associated with a chassis serial number will be disassociated from that serial number if the component location is changed.   The component and chassis must be in the same location.  Click Update to submit a change. 
        • If you add a chassis serial number association, the component will inherit the location information of the chassis.  Click Update to submit the change. 

4.pngFigure 4. Line Card Details



 Activate 4- Hour Premium Support 

  • Register the chassis prior to activating the 4- hour support authorization code you will receive in your Order Summary.
  • Activate the auth code by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the serial number, enter the auth code and click Agree and Submit.
  • The system will validate the authorized address of the 4- Hour Premium Support auth code against the Location Information of the registered chassis.
    • If the locations are different, the system will provide a warning, as seen in Figure 5.
      • If [Yes] is selceted, the 4 Hour auth code is activated and the location of the chassis is updated with the location of the 4 Hour Premium Support authorized location.
        • Please Note: 4 Hour Premium Support is based on the location associated with the auth code. To modify the address associated with 4- Hour support auth code, open an Administrative support case online prior to submitting an RMA. Inventory may not be available for 4- hour RMA service  if the defective serial number is not located in the contracted location.  The RMA would then default to Next Business Day delivery.
      • If [No] is selected the 4- Hour Premium Support auth code is not activated and the chassis location is not updated. 5.pngFigure 5. Location Warning 



Q: If I RMA a line card already associated with a serial number, do I need to do anything to register the replacement?

A:  No.  Only the type of card and quantity is being tracked.  Since the RMA is replacing a defective card, the quantity will not change. 


Q:  If I RMA a line card from an older order that has never been registered, do I need to register the replacement? 

A: No registration is necessary. 


Q: What happens if I need to RMA a device under 4- Hour Premium Support,  but it is not deployed in the city for which the service was originally contracted? 

A: Palo Alto Networks will make a best effort to provide 4- hour service out of another depot.  If this is not possible due to lack of inventory, the order will default to Next Business Day delivery as long as the request is received by 3PM local time.  


Q:  How do I notify Palo Alto about change to the location of a device under 4- Hour Premium Support?

A:  Create  case online and choose the Admin tagProvide the new location.  Palo Alto will validate that 4- hour service is available in the new location and confirm that the change has been made in their system. 


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