How to Use the Web-Based Case Creation Wizard with Suggested Solutions and Machine-Learning Recommendations

How to Use the Web-Based Case Creation Wizard with Suggested Solutions and Machine-Learning Recommendations

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 12/08/20 19:59 PM

A  getting-started-guide to help navigate the web-based case creation wizard including the suggested solutions and machine-learning recommendations.

Customer Support Portal

The   web-based case creation wizard was designed to make it easier to understand what to do at each step creating a case online with Palo Alto Networks Global Customer Support .

To get started with creating a case online, navigate to and click Get Support.
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The wizard will guide you through the case creation process, indicating which step you are on.
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As you navigate the wizard you will see buttons to advance (Next Step), go back to the previous step (Back), and cancel the submission of the web case (Cancel). 
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STEP 1: Describe Problem and View Suggested Solutions
As the name of the step suggests, in this step you will use a few words to describe your problem.

A. Select the necessary information from the dropdown menus in the top options.

B. Enter a subject and description that summarizes the problem in the free-form text fields.

C. Notice that as soon as you change your dropdown selections or start typing, the right side will propose suggested solutions. Knowledge articles and other relevant documentation are offered as potential solutions. You can view a solution by clicking its title or continue to the bottom of the page and click Next Step.

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STEP 2: Recommendations
Based on your input in the first step, our machine-learning algorithm recommends up to 2 solutions based on those used previously by our TAC Engineers to solve cases just like yours. Click on the title of the recommendation to view it. Otherwise you can continue to create your case by clicking the Next Step button.
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STEP 3: Select an Asset
In this step, you will search for and select the serial number of the asset to which the case you are creating corresponds. Firewall's serial number must be registered to your Support portal account.

A. If you already know the serial number for your device, enter it here and click the Search All button to find it.

B. Or browse the list provided to find the serial number.

C. You can click on the column headers to filter the results and specify a text filter to find your device faster.

D. Devices with Premium Partner as a Support Type cannot be used to create a support case. These devices receive support through a local ASC Partner (Authorized Support Center)
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STEP 4: Review Information
In this step, you will enter additional information pertaining to your case, so the TAC engineers will be better able to resolve your issue.

Following your problem statement from STEP 1, you can add a more detailed explanation in the Description field.

NOTE: Required fields are marked with a red bar on the left of the field name.
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If your case priority is marked as "Critical," a P1 acknowledgement will appear, which must be checked to proceed. Be sure to verify the Best Contact Number field so a TAC engineer can quickly reach you with help. If immediate attention is needed, click Contact Us at the bottom of the acknowledgement statement to see a list of support phone numbers.

If you are an ASC opening a case for a device that has the Premium Partner Support Type, the layout of this step will contain additional ASC/PARTNER-specific fields. Each of these fields are required to proceed to submit the case. If you do not complete all of these fields, you will see an error, listing the fields for which there is no entry. You do not have to restart the wizard. Just enter the values in the fields identified and click Submit again.

STEP 5: Confirmation and Add Attachments
In this step, you will put the finishing touches on your case, upload any file attachments, get your case number and see when you can expect Palo Alto Networks to get back to you with a solution.

A. Your case number along with a short paragraph indicating when you can expect a TAC engineer to provide a solution.

B. If you have a log file or any other sort of attachment that may help the TAC engineer resolve the case faster, click Go to File Uploader to you to upload it.

C. Consult this table to understand the maximum expected follow-up response times for a new case.

D. Click Go to Case to open the case details and verify that all the proper information was captured or to communicate with support through the case comments. Click Go to Case List to view all of your cases with Support.
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