How to create a Support Case

How to create a Support Case

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 06/08/23 23:00 PM

A getting-started-guide to help navigate the web-based case creation using the all new 'Get-Help' Case Creation Journey

  • Customer Support Portal.
  • Case Creation.

The below steps are designed to make it easier to understand what to do at each step creating a case online with Palo Alto Networks Global Customer Support.          Get Help Button
  • You will be directed to the Get Help Form as displayed below which is divided into 2 panels (PROBLEM DESCRIPTION / RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS)
         Get Help Form

STEP 1: Summarize your problem (include a product name)

As the name suggests, in this step you will describe your problem in just a few words.

Notice how selectable tags will appear as you fill out the form field.  Make sure to select the most appropriate tag or select 'Other' and choose what's most appropriate from the drop down. Your tag selection will automatically be selected as the Product Category.

As you add a summary and select your tag, thanks to our ML empowered system, more refined results will appear on the right side empowering our customers to interact and browse through the recommended solutions.

Note that the selection is personalized when you select 'Other' and browse through the drop down list. Customers will ONLY see products owned by them. The best approach would be to add a product name into your summary in order to get a better match on Product Category tags and recommendations.

Problem Description


STEP 2: Describe your problem in more detail

Add more details to your problem description. Notice how tags pop up below the field. Select the most appropriate category tag or choose 'Other' to choose one from the drop down. Your tag selection will automatically be selected as the Problem Category.

The same logic applies here - the more accurate your description is, the better the tags will match and the better the recommended solutions will be on the right side.

Problem Description more detail

For easier navigation you can expand the RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS using the expand option in the top right corner.
recommended solutions expand


Notice that when you selected a tag, a pop-up appeared offering you additional resource lists to address your problem.  Please review the resource list or click the 'Close' button on the bottom right to continue.

  • Using the Refine context field (A) customers can refine their search even further. 
  • Toggle through the different Problem Category options (B) to get even more helpful resources.  

These useful tools enable our customers to self-serve a solution more easily and ideally opt-out of having to create a support case.

Adittional Resource List

STEP 3: Enter or find Asset Tenant ID / Serial #
  1. If you already know your Asset Tenant ID or Serial #, enter it here.
  2. If you don't know your Asset Tenant ID or Serial #, click the 'Find and Select Asset' button
Enter or find Asset Tenant ID or Serial

Note: Through the 'Find and Select Asset' feature you can browse to all your available assets and make your selection.
Find and Select Asset

STEP 4: Enter your preferred contact number

Enter your preferred contact number so that a TAC engineer is able to reach you.
Enter preferred contact number

STEP 5: Select the appropriate severity level of your case
In this step you will select the priority of your case.

Note: If you marked your case as a S1 (Critical) case, an acknowledgement will appear which you will have to check in order to proceed.  If immediate attention is needed you can click the 'Contact Us' at the bottom of the acknowledgement statement to see a list of support phone numbers.

Severity Level

You can review the different security levels and their corresponding Support Response Times by clicking on the ‘?’.

For Premium Support:

image (30).png

For Standard Support:
Standard Support Response Time

Step 6: Additional Information
You can significantly reduce the time and effort required to resolve your problem by providing some additional information.  Just click the button 'Provide Additional Information'.
Additional Information

In the pop-up that appears you can decide extra information or decide to opt out.

opt out

As you add additional information, you can expand the UPDATED RECOMMENDED SOLUTIONS for extra resources which will further enable our customers to self-serve a solution.
Updated recommended solutions

Step 7: File a Support Case

Once you've filled out the form completely, the button in the bottom right will enable and you'll have the option to 'File a Support Case'
file a support case

Once completed, you will receive a confirmation that your case was created including additional information such as:

  1. Your case number and case creation date
  2. A link to upload additional files to your case
  3. Information on the support response times - depending on your case severity.
  4. Links to helpful resources



Additional Information

For a full list of other Support Portal User Documents, please click below:

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