How to Create/Manage a Group

How to Create/Manage a Group

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 05/26/22 06:25 AM


The following user roles can create and manage groups:

  • Account Super Users and Domain Administrators can create groups, add devices/spares/members to the group.
  • Group Super Users can add members to the group and manage the group devices.
  • Group Default Users can view members and manage the group devices.


Create a New Group

  • Click Groups menu.
  • Click Add New Group button.
  • Enter a group name and description (optional).
  • Click pencil to save.
  • The group is added to the Groups table.


Add a Group Device

  • Click Groups menu.
  • Click a group's Devices link.
  • In the Group Devices window, click on the Add Device to Group.
  • In the Add Device to Group window, select the device serial number then click on the Submit button.
  • The device is added to group.


Add a Group Member

  • Click Groups menu.
  • Click group's Members link.
  • Click Add Member button.

  • Enter a user's email address, activation date, expiration date (optional), role, and description (optional).
  • Click Checkmark button to save.

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Additional Information
Users with Super User or Domain Administrator role will be able to see all devices in a Group within the main device list in CSP (regardless of whether the users are added as a member of that group, or not).

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