How to Create a Device Tag in the Customer Support Portal

How to Create a Device Tag in the Customer Support Portal

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Modified 07/02/21 17:15 PM



  • To create a device tag, you must be an account member.
  • Device tags exist within an account.
  • Use device tags to group devices under Assets > Devices.


  1. Verify the account you are current logged into the Customer Support Portal with and change accounts if incorrect:
  2. Click Assets > Devices.
  3. Click Device Tag button.
  4. In the Device Tags window, click Add Device Tag button.
  5. Enter a device tag name and an optional description.  The tag name must be unique.  You will now be able to assign this tag to your devices.
  6. Use Edit/Delete options to edit and delete tags. 
  7. To assign a tag to a device, navigate to Assets > Devices, and click on the device serial number.  Select a tag in the drop-down for the device, and click Submit button.

8.  CSP displays tags in Devices page, see column Device Tag below.
Note: Only the user who created the device tag may edit/modify the tag. 

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