New Public-Facing Palo Alto Networks Support Home Page

New Public-Facing Palo Alto Networks Support Home Page

Created On 09/25/18 18:07 PM - Last Updated 04/21/20 00:46 AM


Starting on October 7th, users who go to will see a new home page when they are not logged into single sign-on. This new, more intuitive page has all the resources you need to get help in a singular location, giving you easier support case navigation and faster, easier access to the support answers you need. This is just the first of many new enhancements in our journey to redesign and improve your online support experience! This document details the new features of that new home page. To make this document easier to read, the different features of the page will be described starting from the top part of page to the bottom.


The New Header

The new header is the first step in providing easier access to support resources. This new header provides access to the Palo Alto Networks Corporate website, the Customer Support Portal (CSP), and the LIVE Community in a single click:






1. In the header you will be able to make selections to quickly go to

  • Palo Alto Networks corporate website
  • Cloud Services Portal
  • Customer Support Portal (CSP)
  • LIVE Community

2. Enter a query here to find solutions from our global (federated) search tool. This search box will allow you to search the following from one spot:

  • Support Knowledge Base
  • LIVE Discussion Threads
  • Technical Documentation
  • Palo Alto Networks corporate website

3. Previous to this release, going to brought you to our single sign-on page. Now users will need to click the Sign In button to log in to the CSP. Clicking on Help currently takes you to a help page listing all of the documents covering the functionality of the CSP. Look for more features offered by this button in later releases.



Alerts and Get Started

This section is designed to give you important, sometimes critical information about Palo Alto Networks and the network security industry. If you have not yet set up your CSP account, it will guide you through that process.

alerts and get started.png



4. This highlighted section will feature critical alerts, if any. It will not always be present on the page.


5. If you have not yet set up your CSP account, start here! Watch a tutorial to understand the account activation process and what prerequisites you will need to complete it. Then, click the Activate My Account button to start the process wizard. When completed, you will be able to log into the CSP and take advantage of more features that will enable you to control your devices, who can have access to them, product licensing and more!


6. Monitor this section from time to time so that you do not miss out on important things happening at Palo Alto Networks and in the Network Security industry, in general.



I Need Help With...

The section was designed to get you started on you path to getting answers to questions and resolving issues that you are having with Palo Alto Networks products. Using the tools here, you can review the most commonly referenced solutions by our customers, ask a question in the LIVE Community, or create a case online to be resolved with our experienced TAC Engineers.


i need help with.png


7. By changing the selections in these two pull-down menus, you can review solutions for the most common problems resolved by our TAC Engineers. As you change your selections, the document links in the Have You Tried and Related LIVE Community Threads.


8. As you change the pull-down menus above, links to knowledge base articles and technical documentation that may help you resolve your issue or answer your question will appear here.


9. As you change the pull-down menus above, links to threads in the LIVE Community discussing your question or similar issues will appear here.


10. If you are really stuck, unable to find a solution to your problem or answer to your question, use this button to open a support case with one of our TAC agents. Please note that you have to have a valid CSP account to use this feature.


11. You can reach out to your fellow Palo Alto Networks product owners/users for help by clicking this button and starting a new discussion thread in the LIVE Community. Please note that you need to have a valid CSP account or be registered in the LIVE Communityto use this feature .


12. Similar to the search box above (2) you can use this button to use our global search feature to find an answer to your question or resolve your issue. When you click this button, it uses the selections from the pull-down menus (7) as your primary search, allowing you to change or refine the search on the following page.



Learning Center

Use the carousel feature in this section to review popular Palo Alto Networks training courses that are offered online or instructor led. Each of the cards on the carousel links to a detailed course description and ways to register for that course in your area. Clicking on the Go to Learning Center button will take you to the Palo Alto Networks Learning Management System where you can review the entire course catalog. You will need an active Palo Alto Networks Learning Center or CSP account to register for the courses.


learning center.png



Knowledge Base

Use the carousel feature in this section to browse the most commonly viewed knowledge base articles based upon the global searches performed in the CSP, on the LIVE Community, and based on the cases created using the Create a Case button in the Case Management area of the support portal. Click on the Go to LIVE Community button to continue to browse the KB or discussions.

 kb carousel.png



Lastly, if you are really in need of an urgent solution, you will find the phone numbers to our Global Customer Support offices and other Palo Alto Networks contact information in the footer.


See Also

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