Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: How to delete a custom URL category from the CLI

How to delete a custom URL category from the CLI

Created On 02/07/19 23:53 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:53 PM



This document describes how to delete a custom URL category from the PAN-OS CLI.




note: in a multi-vsys environment add 'shared' or 'vsys vsysX' after the show or delete command to address the appropriate space


  • To view the custom URL categories on CLI:
admin@anuragFW> configure
Entering configuration mode
admin@anuragFW# show profiles custom-url-category

custom-url-category {
samtest {
list [ */*=dying */*+dying];
description "wildcards";
Dropbox {
list [ *];
portquiz {
description "Website that works on all ports";
Blockedpage {
list [ */*=blockedPage */*+blockedPage];


To delete a custom URL category from the CLI:

admin@anuragFW# delete profiles custom-url-category

Blockedpage Blockedpage
Dropbox Dropbox
portquiz portquiz
samtest samtest
<name> <name>

admin@anuragFW# delete profiles custom-url-category portquiz




Note: Ensure the custom category being deleted is not in use in any Security rule or URL filtering profile. Otherwise, the system won't let the category be deleted.


admin@anuragFW# delete profiles custom-url-category samtest

Server error : samtest cannot be deleted because of references from:
profiles -> url-filtering -> mydefault -> allow
profiles -> url-filtering -> mydefault -> credential-enforcement -> allow


To fix this, delete the custom category from the URL filtering profiles action and credential-enforcement:


admin@anuragFW#delete profiles url-filtering mydefault allow samtest 

admin@anuragFW#delete profiles url-filtering mydefault credential-enforcement allow samtest



Or set the action and credential submission for the custom URL category, in the URL filtering profile, to be 'None' in the GUI.URLcategory.JPGChoose the action as 'None' to make the custom URL category ineffective



Additional resources

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