How to Change the Speed and Duplex of the Management Port

How to Change the Speed and Duplex of the Management Port

Created On 09/25/18 18:00 PM - Last Modified 02/07/19 23:50 PM


To verify the PAN settings, issue the following CLI command:

> show system state filter net.eth0.hwcfg

net.eth0.hwcfg: { 'advertised': [ 10Mb/s-half, 10Mb/s-full, 100Mb/s-half, 100Mb/s-full, 1Gb/s-half, 1Gb/s-full, auto, ], 'link': Up, 'mode': Autoneg, 'setting': 100Mb/s-full, }

The speed and duplex information is at the end of the output.  It is recommended this setting match the device that is connecting to the management port (either the switch or the workstation).

To change this setting from the CLI, run the following command:

> configure

# set deviceconfig system speed-duplex

  100Mbps-full-duplex   100Mbps-full-duplex
  100Mbps-half-duplex   100Mbps-half-duplex
  10Mbps-full-duplex    10Mbps-full-duplex
  10Mbps-half-duplex    10Mbps-half-duplex
  1Gbps-full-duplex     1Gbps-full-duplex
  1Gbps-half-duplex     1Gbps-half-duplex
  auto-negotiate        auto-negotiate

If the following error GMX0_TX0_INT_REG[UNDFLW]TX Underflow is returned when doing a commit, there may be a speed/duplex negotiation mismatch between the PAN management port and the switch port to which it connects.

owner: panagent

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