What Should be Configured as Domain in an LDAP Profile?

What Should be Configured as Domain in an LDAP Profile?

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Up to PAN-OS 6.1, for later OS versions, see below



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In most cases, the NetBIOS domain should be configured in the Domain field.

Note: In most cases, the full domain should not be used (for example, use 'pantaclab' and not 'pantaclab.com').


Here is an example of what happens when the full domain is used:

> show user user-IDs

User Name Vsys Groups


pantaclab.com\user01 vsys1 cn=group1,cn=users,dc=pantaclab,dc=com


Notice that the user is pantaclab.com\user01 which is likely not to match what is configured in active directory.


When configuring pantaclab as domain instead of pantaclab.com, the result is very different, the user is listed as pantaclab\user01 which is what matches the active directory user.

> show user ip-user-mapping

IP Ident. By User Idle Timeout (s) Max. Timeout (s)

--------------- --------- -------------------------------- ---------------- ---------------- AD pantaclab\user01 2995 2995


If domain name in the LDAP profile is different with the one set in ip-user-mapping, it affects user/group name look up. For example, if a security policy is configured with source user "group1" (from above example), the user at will not be taken as a member of "group1".


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