How to Install and Activate PAN-DB for URL Filtering

How to Install and Activate PAN-DB for URL Filtering

Created On 09/25/18 17:42 PM - Last Updated 08/18/20 18:31 PM

How to Install and Activate PAN-DB for URL Filtering

  • Any PANW Firewall
  • Any PAN-OS version



This document describes the steps to install and activate PAN-DB for URL-filtering.



The Management Interface is used to connect to the cloud. Please ensure internet connectivity before you proceed.

  1. License the Palo Alto Networks device for PAN-DB and activate the license on the device.
    1. Navigate to Device > Licenses
    2. Click Retrieve license keys from license server or Activate feature using auth code
  2. Download the URL DB initial seed file optimized for a specific region:
    1. Navigate to Device > Licenses
    2. Click Download under the Palo Alto Networks URL filtering
  3. Once downloaded, activate the seed file. This will apply the PAN-DB and initiate a reset of the system.
    Note: Before clicking Activate, make sure any unsaved changes to the device configuration are committed to avoid losing any pending changes.


As part of the activation process, PAN-OS will also automatically migrate any existing URL filtering profiles to use the PAN-DB categories. This is done with an auto-commit in the background; no device reboot required.  As always, save your configuration before making any changes, and be sure to double check URL filtering profiles after to verify policy.


The following information can be viewed in the system logs:

After the download


After the activation





Additional Information

Useful CLI Commands

> show system setting url-database

> request url-filtering download paloaltonetworks region <region-name>

> request url-filtering download status vendor paloaltonetworks (*this command does not apply to PAN-OS versions 9.0 and later)

> set system setting url-database paloaltonetworks

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