How to Delete Saved Configuration Files

How to Delete Saved Configuration Files

Created On 09/25/18 17:36 PM - Last Modified 02/19/21 22:37 PM


  • Firewall can store multiple version of configuration files under GUI:Device > Setup > Operations > Configuration Management > Save >.
  • The firewall also autosaves older configuration files. This provides an easy way to revert to older configurations if needed. 
  • The older configuration files which are not needed can be deleted by using this procedure.
  • Deleting the old configuration files also increases the available disk space in the "pancfg" partition.


  • PAN-Firewalls
  • Any PAN-OS


The configuration files that are no longer needed can be deleted using the CLI command  delete config saved <filename>

Example below:

admin@Lab > delete config saved
  Running-config-000010.xml        2017/04/21 14:22:10       85.1K
  Running-config-000012.xml        2017/03/08 10:14:39       63.7K
  autosave-8.0-20170525.xml        2017/05/25 21:17:56       96.8K
  autosave-8.0-20170608.xml        2017/06/08 14:38:34        7.3K
  autosave-8.0-20171024.xml        2017/10/24 19:05:27      148.1K
  autosave-8.0-20171208.xml        2017/12/08 16:58:39      342.3K
  autosave-8.0-20180824.xml        2018/08/24 22:40:02       92.8K
  saved-config-100000.xml          2017/09/05 11:29:50       83.2K
  saved-config-200000.xml          2017/09/05 11:25:13       83.6K
   <value>                            Filename

admin@Lab196-96-PA-VM> delete config saved  saved-config-100000.xml
successfully removed  saved-config-100000.xml



Additional Information

The configuration files are stored in the partition "/opt/pancfg/". The partition size can be found by using the command show system disk-space. The contents of this partition cannot be viewed using any CLI commands.

admin@Lab > show system disk-space

Filesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sda2             4.0G  2.6G  1.2G  69% /
/dev/sda5             8.0G  3.9G  3.7G  52% /opt/pancfg
/dev/sda6             4.0G  2.7G  1.2G  71% /opt/panrepo
tmpfs                 2.8G  2.2G  712M  76% /dev/shm
/dev/sda8              16G  8.7G  6.5G  58% /opt/panlogs
tmpfs                  12M     0   12M   0% /opt/pancfg/mgmt/lcaas/ssl/private

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