Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: Apply QoS for Youtube or Streaming Media

Apply QoS for Youtube or Streaming Media

Created On 02/07/19 23:53 PM - Last Updated 02/07/19 23:53 PM
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This document specifies how to apply QoS for streaming media websites.


Refer to the following topology. Ethernet 1/3 is the LAN interface and Ethernet 1/1 is a WAN interface.


network layout.png

  1. Create a QoS profile.

    create QoS profile.pngCreate the QoS profile

  2. Categorize the traffic to a specific class with the help of a QoS policy. 

    QoS policy name.pngQoS policy NameQoS policy source.pngQoS policy SourceQoS policy destination.pngQoS policy Destination
    You can add all the applications you want to limit:
    QoS policy Applications.pngQoS policy Application

    And/Or you can set a URL filtering category:
    QoS URL category.pngQoS policy URL Category
    And finally set the policy to match the class in the QoS profile you want it to match:
    QoS policy class.pngQoS policy Class

  3. This is important step. A QoS profile will be applied on egressing packets so the profile needs to be attached to the interface where the biggest data stream is going to exit the firewall. In this example internal clients are receiving streaming from the internet so the biggest data flow will go from the internet to the client and the QoS profile on the client side will be applied to limit the flow.  QoS Interface.pngQoS Interface

Check  QoS statistics. Go to Network >QoS, then select statistics.
QoS bandwidth enforcement.pngQoS bandwidth enforcement


For more information on QoS, check out the following Getting Started article:


Getting Started: Quality of Service


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