How to Block Google Chrome

How to Block Google Chrome

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This document describes how to block Google Chrome on a Palo Alto Networks device.


Note: For this process to work for HTTPS sites, SSL decryption needs to be configured. To configure SSL decryption, see How to Implement SSL Decryption.

  1. From the Objects tab, navigate to Applications and select "Add":
  2. In the Application window, fill out the required categories. These are: Name, Category, Subcategory, and Technology. Choosing a Parent App and Risk is not required. An example is shown below:
  3. On the Signature tab, enter a name for the signature and (optionally) a comment for the signature.
  4. Select "Transaction" for the scope.
  5. Add an OR condition with the following settings and select OK:
    •     Operator:    Pattern Match
    •     Context:     http-req-headers
    •     Pattern:      Chrome/
  6. Press OK again and commit your change.

Security policies can now reference the custom application. Once a security policy is added to block the custom application, "Chrome", new sessions will be blocked.

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