Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: PAN-OS 7.1 Synchronize SNMP MIB and trap with object state

PAN-OS 7.1 Synchronize SNMP MIB and trap with object state

Created On 07/29/19 17:24 PM - Last Updated 07/29/19 17:51 PM

With this new feature, we make sure that the system presents a single view for all traps and OIDs that reflect the accurate state of the object (interfaces, removable power supplies, removable fan trays, and NPCs) in the MIBs.


This feature will enable administrators to poll the OID immediately upon receiving a trap, and the trap and OID will show the same state of the object accurately when a change event is detected.


This is different from our previous behaviour where we updated the OID for the interfaces in our IF Table every 10 seconds and not when the trap for an interface status change was sent out.


Feature interaction:

  • Configuration
  • No configuration change required. It’s enabled by default


  • High Availability
  • No changes are expected in HA configurations since the SNMP daemon is run on a per physical entity


  • Panorama
  • No changes to configuration or monitoring in Panorama. Any Panorama specific traps that update a MIB object are updated with this feature.



  • The trap and the OID update should be near simultaneous (microseconds).
  • The delay in trap generation from the state change detection should be same than releases prior to PAN-OS 7.1



Upgrade/Downgrade considerations:

  • Upgrade: There are no functional changes in the way SNMP traps and GETs work.
  • Downgrad : Reverting back to previous implementation. In the worst case, the MIBs get updated 10 seconds after a corresponding trap is sent out.

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