Palo Alto Networks Knowledgebase: How to use the new BPA functionality

How to use the new BPA functionality

Created On 11/19/18 10:24 AM - Last Updated 09/09/19 11:11 AM
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How to access the Self-Service Best Practice Assessment on the Customer Support Portal

Only a superuser can assign the BPA User role to a standard user’s profile in the Customer Support Portal.
  1. From the authentication home screen, go to Members > Manage Users on the left navigation.
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  • Click Edit for the user to whom you want to assign Self-Service BPA permissions.
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  • Select the BPA User role from the Roles drop down menu and then click Update.
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  • The user can now log in to the Customer Support Portal and access the Self-Service BPA (Tools > Run Best Practice Assessment).
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How to generate a Best Practice Assessment on the Customer Support Portal
  1. Under the Tools drop down on the left side navigation, select ‘Run Best Practice Assessment’ 
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  • On the first step of the BPA generation process, either drag and drop or browse to find a TGZ tech support file. Refer "How to generate tech support" for assistance in generating tech support.
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  • On the second step, it will give the opportunity to map each zone to the area of architecture.  This can be done either by dragging and dropping the architectural value from the right-hand side to the correct zone, using the dropdown on the Classification column to select the correct value, or using the multi-select option checkbox on the right to select multiple zones that all will have the same architectural classification value.  Once all of the zones are selected, click on the value from the list on the right-hand side. 
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  • The third step gives the option to go back and review your selections or click Generate&Download Report get the Best Practice Assessment created.
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  • The executive summary will be displayed and the detailed HTML report will automatically download to your computer, completing the process to generate a Best Practice Assessment.  There will be an option to print the executive summary to a PDF on the summary page.

Additional Information
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